Hi, I'm Mali Coxon.

I'm 21 and am a graduate from Kingston University. I have a love for web development but often stray to Java for games development.

I like to program reguarly and keep a blog of everything related to life and my career. I have a keen eye for spacing, I learn quickly and enjoy typography, poetry and strategy games.

You can view all of my projects under the portfolio section of this website.

Here's a few endorsements.

"Mali was able to make an amazing-looking site in about a day. He took feedback on board and listened to criticism which is a rare quality these days."

- Tudor Sandlescu (games developer)

"Thinking about all the things he's going to code keeps him up at night. You can trust me when I say that Mali will pour his soul into the projects you want because he genuinely loves making them."

- Jamie Moreland (student)

"Coxon created a real nice and smooth website that I use to show potential clients my past projects."

- Felix (games developer)