Reclaimed: An explanation

(March 01, 2015)

Just a quick run down of what Reclaimed is, in case you are confused.

A unique multiplayer experience, fight against your friends over the smallest of items: a wooden log. Choose from four classes and carry the log to your teams capture point without being killed. Build traps and defenses to aid your team, or go straight into battle and kill your enemies directly!

The game features an original soundtrack, randomly generated worlds, fast paced combat and building. Reclaimed: Capture the log costs $2.30, and is in beta. The game runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.


Fast paced combat

Choice of four classes

Original soundtrack

Original art style

Randomly generated worlds (using perlin noise)

Building and destruction of the world around you

Each server can have one match running at a time. A typical match lasts 10 minutes and whichever team has the highest score is the winner! Carrying a log might seem like an easy task, but when you’re being punched by the other team its a lot harder. It requires teamwork to successfully do it.

You can purchase a beta copy of the game through our Humble widget on our site here. (Game was removed due to lack of players and server fees)

The game runs on Windows, Mac and Linux and requires Java to play. After purchase, you will receive a launcher to download all updates to the game free forever.

 Hopefully that explains it more, these descriptions will be available in the new site soon.