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Reading Week, Drawing in a bottle, Strategy Game

November 3rd, 2013 - 2 minute read

So mid-way through reading week I found out I actually don't have any classes and that I can in fact go home for it.

During the week I'd been working a small Strategy Game, since I love Civilization. The game uses squares as that allows me to add content at an accelerated rate.

The game currently has dynamic units and tiles, so it is extremely easy to add new features to it. The game is very barebones at the moment but its super easy to add things, currently you can settle cities and I'll soon add production values to them.

Drawing in a bottle got featured on Vsauce3 for around 3 seconds, however this was more than enough to showcase the website and give the site more than enough traffic to crash (still crashing every now and then).

Heres the clip: video:

The site currently has over 400,000 total image views and 27,000 drawings. Pretty impressive.

The werewolf game is super close to being done, theres a bug with the movement which also occurs in Darkness Exhumed that I need to fix, but after that its all good and will be ready for launch.

I hope to also finish up InTheBottle soon which will be awesome as it allows a single site for drawings and messages.