Privacy and General Ramblings

(May 09, 2014)

It feels wrong sharing this. Because that seemed to be one of the key points of the play. Share less. But I feel that this blog is a way of expressing myself.

Should I continue to share even if it goes against the entire meaning? I don't share as much as some people, which in a way I'm a little proud of. However I'm as guilty as the next person.

I'm feeling far more motivated. Although I'm not sure how long that'll last. Am I motivated or just angry about the play? Am I even angry about the play? I have no idea.

There's so much going on in my head right now. I just need to get it all written down somewhere while its still bubbling.

The play had so many things which I was a little freaked out by, but I think what was worse was knowing that we know it yet are still so helpless.

It doesn't seem right. I kept thinking about all the people who haven't seen it..and then how many people who if they did see it, wouldn't have the attention span or the mental capacity to comprehend the ideas behind it.

I saw this little kid in the front row. Hes gotta be < 10. The kid was brought there with his dad and I just thought that it was really important. Even if he doesn't fully understand the ideas, his dad is making an effort to try and educate his child. His child which is going to be surrounded by all of this information sharing.

This child who will have almost definitely grown up with a screen, or with peers who have screens constantly. Whether the kid understood any of it is somewhat irrelevant. The fact he was there was what really struck a cord with me. Thats the kind of father I want to be.

God this feels so weird, expressing all of this at once. But its necessary. I feel I'm sharing too much. Maybe..maybe.

One thing that I was thinking about was the evolution of man. I know it seems out of context but it felt important. What if a lack of privacy is something that as a collective we want more. Human beings are social creatures, thats the key problem.

You can't change that. Whether protecting this information with encryption and other methods will do the job in the long term is important. Could we be moving towards a collective intelligence? I think its something I'll have to write about another time // todo.

I had a nice day though, I felt bad that I took Farah away from her friends who came to visit her. I kinda think we maybe should have stayed. But the more I think about it the more I'm glad we went. I wouldn't be writing this. I'd just be drunk again.

The play had a line which is really sticking in my head. "The trails you leave in the past, should not be able to dictate your future." Or something similar to that. Its in reference to leaving your digital trail, and how algorithms use this data to be able to determine what you do in the future. How google "knows you better" than yourself using information in the past. If anything it makes me want to just act irrationally. But by writing this, they know that irrational behaviour would be caused by the play. Maybe.

I didn't want to go clubbing after. I don't think drinking would help everything in my head. I didn't want to leave Farah on her own, but I think if I went my head might literally explode. I had to get this written down.

One of the bits that really hit me, was that we had interactive moments in the play. Where we would get our phones out and view certain settings that are stored. Such as location. Under Farah's phone (iphone 5 or some mac shitty thing heheh), it showed her habits with her locations down to the very building that she was in. I thought that was fucking intense. It knew where she was and at what time of day. Is that not more dystopian than 1984 in a sense? AND IT WAS FUCKING VOLUNTARY. Its blowing my mind how many iphones there are. Think about it as a CCTV camera. You have one in your pocket. But far more detailed.

I still feel I'm sharing too much. But honestly I want to? What a strange feeling. I don't want to share anything with the internet. But I do. I like the feeling I get.

They discussed lost generations in the play. How we might end up being a lost generation, with no limitations on what corporations can do with our data. A stranger thought is, what if technological growth is too fast now for legislation? And that this is the beginining of a downward slope into an abyss of a dystopian world. That is not what I want.

(My computer tried to correct dystopian to utopian several times. What you doing you sneaky so and so grr).

My sentence structure is getting sloppy. I'm tired. If I haven't forgotten everything by tomorrow, I'll write it out here. Sorry it was so hap hazzard. I had to get it down. I really couldn't be bothered with organising it under categories. I guess now the world (including you GCHQ ;D) knows my thought structure and how my brain works.