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One year ago

March 21st, 2014 - 1 minute read

I know I probably should have written this at new year or some shit like that but w/e.

So a year ago, I hadn't even started a blog I think. I'd met a few people online with similar interests and my portfolio was essentially empty. Its nice to look back and see everything I've accomplished and how much I've changed over the last year.

I'm obviously sexier than last year, have enhanced my knowledge and love all the people around me. (Editor's amendment 24/07/2018: wow... gotta go through the works I guess)

Here's a few things that I've made over the last year.

  • Push link finder.
  • Message in a bottle.
  • Drawing in a bottle.
  • HTML5 Canvas + Node.js mash up
  • In The Bottle
  • Anon-Event.

Almost all of my projects that I've released have been within the last year. Its crazy to think that. I wonder what next year will have. (Editor's amendment 24/07/2018: hooowee, you're in for a ride)