Lunar Calculator

May 11th, 2019 - 1 minute read

So I start a new job very soon! I'll post about it after I start. But in preparation I wanted to nail down some TDD, JSS and refresh my memory of Redux (it's been about a year now).

I've been known to blame the moon for peoples behaviour, I'm a man of science and I know for a fact the moon has no impact on people, but I still love to blame it anyway.

So I made a lunar-calculator. You can type in a date and find out what lunar cycle it was, and find out how many moons have passed since a date. It's wacky and pointless but that's like a lot of the things I end up making.

It's connected to the USNO API (Used by the navy because they need to know high tide I imagine).

You can find it on Github here.

And visit the website here.