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Ludum Dare 46

April 17th, 2020 - 2 minute read

I made a game again! In 48 hours. The first time in years that I've been proud of the result of the game jam. I managed to constrain my idea, dedicate enough time to it and work with tools that made it easy enough to build in a decent amount of time.

The theme was "Keep it alive", originally I thought I would make a super simple game where you roll a meatball, or something alive (a goldfish) to a goal. As you roll it, you lose whatever is keeping you alive.

The theme was a bit lost in the game, but the gameplay persisted. I think the result came out really well, I built it with Unity, got to use Unity's ShaderGraph, GarageBand and Blender. After the jam, I found out that Unity has a basic 3D modelling / leveler built in which would have saved a ton of time! But I know now, and that's the beauty of a game jam.

Learning and growing under immense self-inflicted pressure.

You can play the game here.

You can read a little bit more here.

The final results from LDJAM (pretty good):


Overall: 412th (3.548 average from 23 ratings)

Fun: 301st (3.575 average from 22 ratings)

Innovation: 491st (3.333 average from 23 ratings)

Theme: 1029th (2.65 average from 22 ratings)

Graphics: 450th (3.548 average from 23 ratings)

Audio: 589th (2.925 average from 22 ratings)

Humor: 715th (2.316 average from 21 ratings)

Mood: 814th (2.81 average from 23 ratings)