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May 28th, 2014 - 3 minute read

I'm writing this from a moving train, on a mobile phone. Think about that for a moment. First, im on a moving train going god knows how fast. Second, I'm connecting to a massive amount of information which has been assembled in less than 40 years. Third, I'm using a device smaller and lighter than a book maintaining a new constant connection to this web of information.

Its incredible. Think of all the work that has gone into everything around you. The phone, the railings that im holding onto, the clothes, the seats, the tracks, the paint. The list goes on and on. I feel we take all of this for granted and that its only human to.

I think that we might not have a choice in which direction the human race goes. We are all cogs in this system. Only a massive group choice can switch which way and that those choices are influenced by so many external factors that I feel its not even our choice by that point.

VSauce discussed our journey against diseases such as cancer and said that "its a relay race, natural selection did the first part, and now its down to us to finisg the race". An interesting idea. Describing it as a relay race makes sense. I feel that computers after we reach a certain goal will continue it on for us. I don't believe that the two will co-exist for long. I feel that humans as a race are progressing more and nore to a point where we no longer need our privacy. Its a scary thought, BUT only scary for those of us who have lived with privacy. Think of how the internet has revolutionised the spread of ideas. Now think about how a lack of privacy would also spread ideas fairly fast. Then think of what a collective "hive-mind" could achieve. Then stimulate that collective with more computional power and finally accelerate to the point where our collective mind is merged and we are unable to tell the difference between man and machine.

Scary idea for us individual humans. But think of how we are slowly removing borders. Gender, race, place of origin and age borders are vanishing. Its a good thing yes, its the right thing yes but I see it reaching a point of shared information between each other on a whole new level.

Its just a rambling I know. But its so much easier to show people something I've written previously than having to organise these ideas every time.

I'm back home today, so I should be able to rate some of those rising-jam games. Gone again on Saturday but back sometime soon after to show more of this goofy web project.