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Hosting24 Review and In The Bottle.

November 13th, 2013 - 2 minute read

I was going to make a blog post about how awesome it is to finally have released In The Bottle, however some things happened which caused me to be thoroughly disappointed with my hosting and stopped my blog post mid-way...

Hosting24 suspended my hosting.

This caused not only to go down, but it also caused and to go down. The reason for my hosting being suspended was due to "High CPU usage".

Apparently if you are using above 20% of the resources on a hosting plan (not difficult at all) they have the right to suspend your hosting for every domain you own. When I saw this, I was mad. There was no warning at all, just suspended instantly. I checked my Hosting24 account and low and behold there was a ticket telling me that my account was suspended. I spoke to them and they came to the conclusion that I can have access to my data if I open a VPS account with them. $14 per month for their minimum server. $14 which as a student I barely have $2. After quite a lot of complaining they eventually gave me a backup and access to my account, I was able to redirect my Student Finance account to a different email thankfully and download all my data. I was nervous that the databases wouldn't download correctly.

Moving on.

After some browsing around and some inquiring on Twitter somebody recommended Digital Ocean. They offer a VPS for the same price of my previous hosting, with great stats. Its a lot more tech heavy as I have to use the console to operate the website instead of a graphical interface but its a great learning experience.

The best part of the whole package is that if I do reach my limits, I can very easily upgrade and I won't be suspended by them for high cpu usage, rather the server will slow down instead.

Overall I highly recommend staying away from Hosting24. I thought that none of the things that I've read about would happen to me, however they did, just as the site started to receive a decent amount of traffic. I'm currently working to move all my data over to the new server and its going pretty well so far, I should have all 3 sites up soon.