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December 21st, 2014 - 1 minute read

I miss my house, but not my back home house. I love my Kingston house and everyone in it. All the guests we have included. I miss them and all of it very much. Feeling like early nights and keeping busy is a way to pass the time faster, but I do want to be emotionally involved for Christmas.

I've been working on a game that utilises Darkness Exhumed's old graphics and SFX, along with a couple game design ideas.

Capture The Log, a log is placed in the center of the map and two teams compete for it, you have a choice of class (tank, healer, rogue, builder).

The game is coming together quickly and after three days I have this.

Stealing a log.

Hope to be able to play a full game of this over the holidays, the 28th or something.