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Get back into it

April 23rd, 2018 - 2 minute read

I’ve let this slide majorly over the last few years. Everything has been such a blur and work is tiring, even if I do get to work on some pretty good projects.

I was going to redo the website again, but time is such a scarce element now that I have work. If I could give one word of advice to my University self, it would have been to do infinitely more with my time and finish those damn projects.

So since the last blog post, I’ve worked a lot more with React and React-Native including native multi-threaded code in Objective-C and Java. Those have all been great, I’ve also worked more with Vue.JS, Laravel and sadly WordPress.

I’ve worked on several little game projects, most are unfinished and it pains me to say so. But a few are in a playable enough state.

Here’s a few from one of my most recent, which you can play very very soon! I just want to finish up a few bits. You play as a tough-duck who falls down a hole and things get weird. It’s sort-of top-down round based shooter.

A bit of a game called Witch Stuff. You play as a witch and look for ingredients to cure your villagers before the 4th day.

I've got a few more but I'll write them up in another post. <3