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Freedom with a side of net neutrality.

May 15th, 2014 - 3 minute read

Probably should be called Net Neutrality with a side of Freedom, but w/e.

For those of you who don't know what Net Neutrality is, its the idea that "all data on the internet should be treated equally" (wikipedia).

Simple idea, makes sense really. But some big corporations are trying to change it so it costs more to supply certain data than others. Another attempt to change the internet for the worse. We had SOPA last year and the countless bills that followed after. Along with the "porn" filter that we in the UK had recently.

The net is so important.

We need to make it harder for these things to be passed.

We especially can't lose Net Neutrality. Most people think that there is nothing to be done to stop these changes. But there are numerous websites which can help assist against all of these things. Net Neutrality has a lot of big corporations backing it and going against it. But if the laws are passed the former won't have much say in it. Once again, not enough people care. This might be because its not affecting the UK yet but if shit goes down over that ocean then its not going to be long before it happens here. The European elections are coming up soon and as I've discussed in one of my previous posts, its important that you vote.I recommend looking up which parties support Net Neutrality and vote for one of those.

Although I'm not sure if it will make a difference over here if Europe does pass laws to keep it. I've read in places that our government might not care for the sake of keeping their shoddy "porn" filter. I've also discussed why its shoddy in another post.

After seeing Privacy its hard for me to really believe that people do actually care about Internet Freedom, which I can understand that they might not because they aren't that nerdy or engrossed in technology as I and others are. But put it this way, do people care about Freedom in general? Is there any reason why they should? Perhaps this new way of thinking is actually progressive. There are benefits to a everyone knows everything society, in fact I think it might actually move faster than our current one. Laws and legislation can't keep up with the pace that our tech is at and that is only going to grow ever distant. Brings it down to the question of whether that type of society is actually scary to us because we live in a world of individuals? Or whether its actually bad. We've been raised in this world which has privacy, but what if we are in a transition period?

Who's to say that a Aldous Huxley society is wrong? Its certainly more functional than ours and might only scare us because we live in a very different world.

Oh and heres some helpful links for Net Neutrality:

Calling the FCC is apparently the best way of handling it.

Also calling Congress is an effective means.

And for all of us outside of the US.

Voting in the European Parliment for a party that supports Net Neutrality is also a good move.