End of term

(December 13, 2013)

Finished! Poured myself a lovely spiced rum and coke, planning to go to Wetherspoons in a short while to celebrate. Last two weeks have been crazy, started off pretty sad though as my Grandad died quite suddenly (fell off a boat). Going to the funeral a bit before Christmas.

This sparked something in my head, I haven't seen my biological father for 14 years what if he is dead or dies suddenly so I contacted him over Facebook and met up the day after. Super strange experience, going to see him again next Thursday (I also have a five year old half sister! :o).

On Wednesday I went out to Picaddly to go to the BAFTA Games Question time which was awesssssssssssssome! I drank a bit too much and ended up hugging Mike Blithell (sorry). Met a bunch of really awesome people and I am definitely going to go to one of the meetups sometime. I got to meet Sushun and Hanary whom I'd only met over Twitter (also super weird).

After stumbling home I finished off some work and did some revision, started work on a weird little thing:

Some weird bloody game screenshot

Some weird bloody game screenshot

Not sure what I'm going to make it about, if anything, but its neat anyway. Might make it a sidescrolling running game who knows.

I also uploaded a video pertaining to Darkness Exhumed the other week.