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Dungeons and Dragons D20

July 16th, 2022 - 1 minute read

I've been getting into Dungeons and Dragons lately (yes, that kind of nerd).

I've seen a few tabletop 3D dies on the web and in the spirit of tiny "sketch" projects I thought I'd try my hand at building one that let's you "throw" a 3D dice.

It came out better than I expected!

It uses:

- React Three Fiber (ThreeJs but for React)

- useCannon (for Physics)

- Drei (for loading the model)

- Model created in Blender with texture made with Aseprite

It was actually a really smooth and enjoyable experience. What I've created isn't that complicated (it's really an extension of the documentation) but I think I have enough of a grip on it to make something slightly bigger if I wanted.