Democracy in the UK

(May 03, 2014)

I've had a few, but I'm still standing. My head is so confused right now.

I've been under the impression that England/UK was a democracy up until today.

Its so messed up that this isn't the case.

Think about it, House of Lords. We don't vote for them.

The Queen. We don't vote for Monarchy.

The biggest one is obviously in the form of how you get a candidate into the system. Say I wanted to vote socialist. Thats £500 for them to have a candidate. If they get 5% then they get their deposit back. They need money to advertise and spread their policies. Without it they won't be able to. God knows how much money that on its own would take. Far more than £500 to get 5%. This means that essentially, the wealthy can be voted in. Parties can receive donations. So if a big business wants a specified party in power, they can create a massive ad campaign. This isn't democracy.

We need Political Representation. Every vote should count and it should be for whoever we chose. No matter what that is. There shouldn't be a £500 fee to join. Its bullshit.

If anyone has any complaints about this, or if I am wrong in any of this please. Please tell me why. I'm very open to new opinions and ideas. Especially if I am wrong.