Closing in

(March 21, 2016)

Self organising Map with umatrix

I've got 16 days till my birthday and dissertation hand in. I've thrown together a new version again, it can run headless now.

I was really hoping to emulate the SOM with K-Means (have a look for "Fast Emulation of Self-Organizing Maps for Large Datasets") and use The Earth Mover's Distance as my distance metric, but with only 16 days to finish writing it I need to stop writing code now and finish the write up.

Here's a pretty picture of both the SOM and K-Means. I hope to go a bit further with this once everything is over and done and use a proper convolutional neural network like I wanted to at the start. It'll be outside the scope of the dissertation, but I'll write it up and produce results that can be compared. Self organising map with drawing data