Cleans cobwebs

(February 12, 2015)

So yeah, I forgot I even had this thing again. My bad.

Reclaimed launched! It flopped pretty bad, so many shares and retweets yet so few purchases. I don't think the game is inherently bad, I just don't think people are willing to drop money on it. Its the most polished thing I've ever made, but maybe that wasn't quite good enough?

I did do a terrible job at speaking with the press, practically none. How much does that affect sales? I was hoping to gain at least 10 sales within the first day, but I ended up with a measly two.

I've now submitted it to Desura and GOG, as well as redoing the Steam Concepts page to look nicer and hopefully grab a couple eyes over there.

There's a subreddit for it too now, so matches can be organised and content shared. Hopefully I can build a community there.

I did finish the trailer and site for it though. The game can be found here, and can be bought for £1.50 through currently.


Thats all for now! I'm going to write some decent press releases and try to go buck wild. I've got some updates planned for the game too, death animations will be in the next update and permanent good looking corpses.

I also wanna get down a particle system, shouldn't take too long.

If I can break even with this and make a little more I'd like to add catapults and rideable pigs to lengthen map size and because those two are fucking cool.