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Busy busy busy.

June 1st, 2014 - 2 minute read

Ok so I have to put on hold like, all my projects. There's just so much that needs sorting.

I'm a little stressed by all of it, but things recently have made me super happy so I really just need to get down and do what I need to do.

It might take a week? Maybe more to sort out housing and stuff for next year. Who knows. I got loads to doo!

Worst time for it really, since I'm super motivated at the moment.

I did some work on the Changes game recently, thinking of making it into a full game. Or at least using a similar style again sometime. :)

The new mechanic is a button, which flips the goal. If the goal is activated you can use it. If not you can't Plan is to make some other blocks which also do the same. So you tread on the button, it activates and deactivates things. Push it again and the inverse happens.

I also lightened some of the stuff like the background and font.

Kinda hard to show but oh well. (and I've lost the image now - Amendment by Future Mali)

Anyways I gotta get back to all this other stuff. I'll come back to this and my secret project sooooon!