Apathy towards Internet Freedom.

(March 23, 2014)

I ran out of things on my todo, during my thoughts about what I want to make/do next I read an article about "Enemies of the internet".

I'm not surprised Britain and The US are on that list, but what really got me thinking was how many people know this is happening. I really just wanted to get my thoughts written down, so thats what this is.

I go to post the article to my Facebook (I believe in Freedom, but Facebook lets me speak to all my peers and is good for contact. Its a little hypocritical saying I care about internet freedom yet use Facebook and have a profile that could put together in hours from a google search but its the principle that counts.), my wall is filled with senseless drivel. It frustrates me that nobody seems to know or care. It seems that we live far too comfortably for people to care.

Sometime last year, when I was speaking to my parents about the newly introduced law to block child pornography they were all in favour for it. They couldn't see that it wouldn't stop at Child Porn. The law later introduced a general pornography filter, which they were also in favour for. I couldn't get my point across. Fast forward to now, where "extremist websites" are being banned. Only now do they see the error in supporting this. They won't do anything about it, they claim they are too old for it (which I guess one day I'll understand). That was kind of a tangent, but I felt it important to make it clear that people that do know about the filtering and censorship, see it as a good thing until its too late.

Honestly I don't think that it is possible to make the public care about Internet Freedom, as long as they have entertainment they will be fine with whatever. Even if you did somehow make them care for it, what then? There is nothing they as an individual can do about it.

I just wish there was a way to make people care, all at once, enough to cause some change.