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Anon Event

March 8th, 2014 - 2 minute read

Haven't used this in agesss. But I figured I'd update it. I've been working on a android game in some of my free time which hopefully will be ready very soon... The other project I've been working on is Anon-Event. This project allows you to create events anonymously and share them. This could be used for organising protests in a repressive government or simple warehouse raves ;D. Its had nearly a thousand hits, which I'm not sure whether its being used or not because events can be deleted by users very easily.

One of my favourite features about it is the views system. If you refresh the event, the viewcount goes down (only on private events). Once the viewcount hits 0 the event deletes and no one can ever view it again which leads to my theory of their potentially being events added but me not knowing. I'm thinking about adding a counter to find out.

You can find the site here. (Editor amendment 24/07/18: Site looks super broken but I'll try and fix it up)

I'll soon be posting the android game and I'm currently trying to brainstorm for my next big project.

Also InTheBottle has had a small redesign and will hopefully be getting some updates soon. (It recently hit 1.5 million image views :o).