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A redo

September 22nd, 2016 - 1 minute read

I re-did the website. Always when you look back at something after redoing it you can always see new areas where you could have pushed the design further, or simplified that little extra piece. But oh well, its done now and I don't have enough time to redo those bits again.

The website now uses the Angular framework, its been great fun using it and simplifies a lot of stuff that would take a lot of jQuery and ajax calls otherwise. Not Angular2, but it does also use PHP still to get information from an endpoint about projects. I'm pretty happy with the whole thing and even the blog itself is incorporated into those smooth transitions.

The website also now uses Pure.CSS, I'm almost certain I'm using this slightly wrong, but its working out well for me so far.

I do want to explore ReactNative a bit more, with all its wonders and opportunities for InTheBottle maybe. I also need to write about how these two interviews went, one of them actually sent me down this Javascript framework rabbit hole.