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A quick recap, to keep this place cobweb free.

July 3rd, 2016 - 1 minute read

I've been enjoying this time after University, the rest of May was great and June was pretty great also. I'm fully moved out now (as of the 1st of July).

I have however continued my job hunt throughout this time thankfully, preparing, tweaking and most of all applying. I have several smaller things on the go at the moment, none are worthy enough to show right now but I will within the month.

I'll hopefully be having a week working at a company at the start of the August, I'll reveal where and what I get up to on here when/if it materialises.

Oh and I graduated with a high 2.1! If I'd have worked harder I could have had a 1st, it was in my grasp but slipped away.

Let's see where this all takes me.